Casa Grande Practice Instrument Approach Procedures

The AFTW is concerned about the mid-air collision hazard that exists at Casa Grande Airport and the area around the Stanfield VORTAC (TFD).  There is a large number of students practicing instrument approaches to Casa Grande as well as VFR and IFR traffic transitioning between southern Arizona and the Phoenix area.  The AFTW has taken the initiative to develop and distribute standardized procedures to increase safety and reduce the chance of an accident or incident in the Casa Grande/Stanfield area.  We ask that all pilots adhere to these standardized procedures.  Please contact the AFTW with questions or concerns.

Use the links below to obtain the latest revision.

Practice Instrument Approach Procedures at Casa Grande (Word format)

Practice Instrument Approach Procedures at Casa Grande (PDF format)

Switch Frequencies at TAFYE
(Added 8-20-07)

When flying the GPS 23 approach into Casa Grande, pilots should make position reports on 122.85 until crossing TAFYE inbound on the approach. At that point switch over to 122.70 (CGZ CTAF) for position reports.

Switch At TAFYE


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